I graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 2001. I went on to complete my internal medicine residency at the University of Utah followed by a fellowship in rheumatology at the University of Michigan. At each of these major medical centers I experienced comprehensive and diverse medical training which prepared me to diagnose and treat the many different medical diseases I face daily. I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine and in Rheumatology.

I chose to specialize in rheumatology, or the study of arthritis and associated inflammatory diseases, in part because of the complexities involved in diagnoses and treatments for these conditions. Some of these conditions can involve one or more internal organs including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, muscles, and nerves and can necessitate utilization of complex laboratory and/or x-ray testing to confirm diagnoses.


Many patients treated by rheumatologists need long term care. I find relationships resulting from this aspect of clinical medicine especially rewarding. Partnering with patients to navigate all the aspects of a medical disease, not just diagnosis, but also how to effectively treat the illness and minimize its daily effects on a patient’s life, can be a great learning experience for both doctor and patient.

I am also experienced in office based procedures, including aspirating and injecting inflamed joints and bursae, which may be helpful in some cases.

I request that all my patients have a primary care provider as this enables optimal comprehensive medical care. I find communication between myself, patients, and the rest of their health care team to be key in establishing a strong therapeutic relationship. Thus, it is our goal that copies of medical notes and labs generated by our clinic will be sent to primary care physicians.

I share office space and weekend call with three other rheumatologists, although we all have separate practices.

The office staff and I look forward to being a part of your health care. If there are ways we can better assist you please let us know.